Tom EsplineTom Esplin

Managing Partner

Tom is an experienced and seasoned Financial Executive with a career spanning 40 years, assisting both small and large commercial enterprises.

Tom’s driving passion is to assist business owners to optimise their wealth creation and for their companies to achieve their full potential.

Tom has worked at Senior Management levels in high-growth entrepreneurial organisations (such as the Wagner Group) in addition to companies in distressed mode requiring fast and decisive turnarounds. In these senior roles, Tom has developed a specialised skill-set and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking which can add significant value to client organisations.

Experience is a great teacher and Tom regards himself at the pinnacle of his career with the desire and energy to impart his unique skills in the following areas:

  • Funding: putting together the right story and business plan (Information Memorandum) to obtain investment funding under the optimal terms and conditions.
  • Structuring: getting the organisational & personal structures right to both protect assets, optimise leveraging and minimise tax.
  • Company sale: optimising sale proceeds in a company exit via structuring, normalising and presenting the company in the best context.

Despite the plethora of tax accountants and management consultants in the field, the quality of advice they are providing to medium-sized enterprises is often not optimal. Invariably they lack the actual experience gained whilst working closely with industry leaders and experts in respective fields

Tom’s desire is not to grow a large and impersonal practice, but to engage with a select group of clients to achieve significant wealth creation over the medium term.

"disruptive innovation can hurt you if you're not the one doing the disrupting"

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